Our lecture "Difference Variation Conflict" at ACT-seminar in Tampere

We had the pleasure to talk about our architecture as part of the Tampere Architecture and Design Week’s final seminar “Architecture and Cities in Transition” on Friday 30.8.19.

In our talk “Difference Variation Conflict” we outlined three different perspectives around the seminar’s topic “contrast” in architecture: DIFFERENCE in spatial experience, VARIATION in the art of picture making and CONFLICT as part of the creative process.

Open window- Roger Raveel 1976.jpg

Roger Raveel, “Open window”, 1976.

AS LL TK to design a new housing block in Helsinki

We are very happy to announce that we have won the competition for a new housing block in Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki, a competition arranged by the city of Helsinki in collaboration with Alvar Aalto foundation, Ministry of the Environment, Aalto University and SAFA.


The jury thanked the proposal for its surprising, skillful and efficient housing design that offers a natural solution for multigenerational and collective living.

The project continues.

Furniture for a hill side school - the design course publication

This is a publication of the student works for the course Synergy of Architecture and Furniture. In the beginning of the semester we asked the wood design students of XAMK to conceive a piece of furniture to the Kettumäki building that was designed by a celebrated Finnish architect Lars Sonck in the end of 1890’s. Observing the architecture was their starting point. In their work the students were to define a specific relationship between the piece of furniture and the surrounding interiors.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences - XAMK together with Kuusankoski Association. Autumn semester 2018.

Read the publication online


Leo Lindroos' lecture and design course at Xamk, Autumn Semester 2018

Alliance of architecture and furniture. With this course we are embracing the prevailing situation where the architectural space and furniture are conceived by different authors yet at the same time we are longing to reach a sense of unity that can be experienced in so-called total works of art. The architectural setting of the course will be Lars Sonck’s historical log building of Kettumäki, that, having lost its original furniture, is currently missing a decent furnishing of its own.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, department of wood design, Autumn semester 2018


Photo by Tuuli Kanerva

Exhibition week in Hamina

The journey of Precarious Domesticity continued from Suomenlinna to the stables of an old manor house in Hamina. A stable converted into an exhibition space was the location of the “4xLindroos+Gross” exhibition presenting the artistic production of the whole Lindroos family. The 19th century log house, owned by an architect couple Teiju Autio and Seppo Serola, provided the exhibition an idyllic setting in the center of Hamina.